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Music Industry more alive than ever in Mexico: Amprofon










• Amprofon reaches 50 years of presence in the country, celebrating over 75 years of the music industry with new logo and webpage.

• Neither CD nor the industry will be buried; Mexico is still a great CD consumer, the directors of the major recording companies said. 


Mexico, May 9,  2013.- Created on April 1963, Asociación Mexicana de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas (Amprofon), turned 50 years of representing music in our country.  

During a press conference, the directors of the major record companies and Amprofon’s associates said that the music industry is still active and will not die. “Amprofon has a very important role for the Mexican recording industry, as it preserves Copyright so it evolves into new forms, in this case the digital form”, said Tomas Rodriguez, General Director of Warner Music and Chairman of Amprofon’s Main Board. 

The General Director of Universal Music Mexico, Victor Gonzalez, said, as well, that “Amprofon’s job is being a group consultant by seeking agreements or new initiatives in benefit of the industry.”

“Music is a big window for the Country. Touristically, places where there is a good music exposure are more visited than others, and in this sense, Mexico is a great power”, said Gilda Gonzalez Carmona, General Director of Amprofon.

Gonzalez Carmona stated that the music industry and the technology go hand in hand. “Today is when more music is listened to in the world. Mexico commercializes 65 per cent of physical sales and 35 per cent of digital sales, trend which is reverting over time. In 2012, the Mexican music industry grew 8.4 per cent and registered incomes of two thousand 944 million pesos. Currently we have 27 digital legal stores”, she said. 
By his part, Jose Ignacio Morales, General Director of Marketing Musical commented that music is a very active industry. “Amprofon turns 50 years, but as an industry in Mexico we have more time. We are talking about 70-80 years, there´s inertia. Today our industry is alive, there have been drastic changes, but is still at the vanguard”, he said. 

The Director of Music Media, Luis San Martin, added that Mexico has the highest number of CD consumers. “Our country is the one which consumes the most physical formats. In the United States, there is no one commercializing CDs anymore. The music and its industry are alive and will not die. On the contrary, they will get updated according to the new technologies”. 

“In Mexico, he continued, the music industry is not seen as a culture generator as well. The recording companies are just a part of the productive chain. When a track is commercialized, many other sectors are employed and there is an opportunity for other talents to get out to the market”. 

In this sense, the Director of Universal Music highlighted that today anyone can be a creator and receive a compensation for his/her work, “this is not exclusive of the recording companies anymore, now we see 15-year-old youngsters receiving royalties for their videos; now is when we coexist in a same environment”. 

The executive said that a great part of the resources used for launching a new artist are not recovered.  “It is taking a risk for knowing whether or not he/she will do it”, he considered.  “Not everything is making a profit, and not everything is a business. For many years, we the recording companies have been seen like the economic part, the business. Today, everybody knows Juan Gabriel. Years ago, he was a young 19-year-old looking for a label to record him; today it is the other way around. We have another job: creating culture”, Universal Music’s Director said.

During his participation, the General Director of Music Media, Luis San Martin, put forward that one of the big challenges of Amprofon has been the preservation of the music industry in the Country. “Mexico has a voice in this world; It is known for its music. The greatest economies, like China, do not have a music industry like the one in Mexico”, he concluded.

From right to left: Luis San Martín. Music Media; Alfredo Tourné, Amprofon; José Morales, Marketing Musical; Víctor González, Universal; Tomás Rodríguez, Warner; Gilda González Camrona, Amprofon. 

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